10 Robots to Rave About

These innovative robots-from femme bots to guinea pigs to trees-will leave a lasting impression. (PCMag.com)

When I think of robots, the first image that comes to mind is "Johnny 5," from the 1986 film "Short Circuit."

Johnny 5 was a robot designed for military use, when suddenly he is struck by lightning, giving him human-like characteristics.

Hes able to laugh at TV programs, gain more "input" through reading books, and even master 70s dance moves.

Today, robotics isnt too far off.

There are robots that can boogie, pose, taste test wine, and roller skate. And thats only the beginning.

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Here Ive gathered 10 far-out robots that will keep your actuators running overtime.

The Talking, Walking Einstein

Hard work never goes unrecognized. I think thats what is behind the Albert Hubo.

Developed by Hanson Robotics using the patented Frubber skin, this Einstein-inspired robot utilizes over 62 muscles in its face to illustrate very humanlike features naturally.

He can walk or roll on wheels and recognizes speech.

The company manufactures humanoid robots for many purposes—including entertainment, museums and education—in any character you choose.

Imagine a hip-shaking Elvis robot, or a bawling Lucille Ball.

Check out the video to witness this all-too-real Einstein bot.

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