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5. An underground auditorium for product announcements will be built

Apple says that it plans to have an underground auditorium on the campus that will be able to seat 1,000 people. Wondering what that's for? According to Apple, the auditorium will be home to the company's product announcements and other important, internal events.

6. It'll be self-sufficient on power

Interestingly, Apple has found a way to make the Spaceship completely energy-self-sufficient. The campus will be capable of connecting to the national grid in the event of an emergency failure, but when such a failure isn't happening, it'll be completely off the grid and running on its own power.

7. Part of the land was previously owned by HP

Here's a fun fact: Apple acquired a large chunk of the 176-acre site where the Spaceship will be from Hewlett-Packard. Although the sales price was never divulged, it's believed that the land cost Apple as much as $300 million. Good thing Apple sells so many iPhones.

8. There won't be a single piece of straight glass in the place

Apple's Spaceship will be a massive, glass building. However, Steve Jobs had said none of the glass would be straight. In fact, he said before the Cupertino city council last year that every piece of glass in the building would be curved. Wow.

9. The dimensions are downright shocking

The dimensions in Apple's Spaceship are shocking. According to the company's plans, the four-story building has a 1,615-foot diameter, making it wider than the Pentagon. And at a circumference of nearly 1 mile, it'll take a while to get around the structure.

10. It will open in 2016

So, when will this building finally open? Apple had initially planned to get its workers into the building in 2015, but now it appears it'll be pushed back to 2016, due to some delays with Cupertino's approval process. When it opens, expect a major event—and at least one homage to Steve Jobs.

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