Blackberry Supports E-Mail Attachments

Blackberry wireless e-mail platform now lets users view e-mail attachments on Blackberry pagers.

Research in Motion Ltd. on Monday announced that its Blackberry wireless e-mail platform now includes the ability to view e-mail attachments on Blackberry pagers.

The new application, based on the AirDoc platform from Arizan Corp., lets users select attachments from within an e-mail and view documents, spreadsheets, presentations and graphics files on their BlackBerry handhelds. Users also can retrieve just the table of contents or a summary of the document and selectively view certain parts of the document. Initial formats that the application supports include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, Adobe PDF, HTML and ASCII text.

RIM will begin customer trials of its attachment viewing application later this summer.

The Waterloo, Ontario, company also announced plans to offer software tools that will help developers create additional document-handling applications for the BlackBerry.

Sunnyvale, Calif., startup Good Technology Inc. already offers the ability to view e-mail attachments on a Blackberry pager as well as on its own G100 wireless handheld device. Good also offers two-way push synchronization, which automatically deletes messages on a server when they are deleted on the device.

RIM has filed three lawsuits against Good this summer, including among its claims patent infringement and unfair competition.

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