Careful With That Club, Craig

Former Cabletron exec tees off on digital golf course.

Just like other retired executives, former Cabletron chairman and CEO Craig Benson is heading to the golf course. But in this case, he owns the course—and all of the nifty gadgets on it.

Sources say Benson is building a plush, fully networked golf course and country club in his home state of New Hampshire.

The course will include wireless devices at each hole, which will let golfers make lunch reservations at the country club—as they finish up play on the back nine. The wireless links (sorry, bad pun) will use technology that Cabletron acquired when it purchased Digital Equipments networking division.

Early club members are said to include golfing legend Arnold Palmer and at least one top executive from Tyco International, the manufacturing giant.

Its unclear whether Cabletron co-founder S. Robert Levine will join Bensons club, but the possibility inspires some wild images. Levine is an avid body builder who used to pump iron in his office at Cabletron. He even smashed hardware from rival companies just to rally Cabletrons sales force. The thought of Levine wielding a nine iron may not sit well with other club members.

Still, Benson and Levine riding in the same golf cart could be the wackiest pairing since Rodney Dangerfield and Chevy Chase teed off together in Caddyshack. Noonan! Misssss it! Ahhh!