Compaq to Resell Extendeds XTNDConnect

Wireless enterprise software Extended Systems Inc. announced Monday that the company has signed an agreement with Compaq Global Services under which Compaq will resell Extended Systems XTNDConnect Server software to corporate customers who use Compaqs iPaq handheld computers.

"This agreement gives us access to a substantial customer base that is ready to deploy mobile technologies today," said Extended Systems CEO Steve Simpson, in a statement.

This is the first major reselling deal for Extended Systems since Palm Inc. announced that it would buy the company in March and then nixed the deal a few months later. Palm still has a relationship with Extended Systems and uses the relationship to make the Palm platform more attractive to enterprise customers. But, as evidenced with the Compaq deal, Extended is free to pursue relationships with Palm competitors as well.

The XTNDConnect Server enables data exchange between mobile devices and groupware servers or corporate databases.