Contract Watch: RFID and Voice over IP: Finally for Real?

After extensive hype, solutions providers crack both of these emerging markets.

Everybodys writing and reading about the promise and pitfalls of RFID (radio frequency identification). But is anybody actually making money designing RFID solutions?

The answer is yes. Just ask ESYNC Inc., a Toledo, Ohio-based solutions provider that offers RFID consulting and integration services. One of ESYNCs major RFID customers is International Paper Co., which recently deployed an RFID tracking system in one of its Texas warehouses.

Sometimes customers can also be partners. ESYNC and International Paper plan to jointly offer RFID consulting and integration services to their mutual customers. International Paper is a massive $25 billion company. Surely, a few of its major partners will wind up knocking on ESYNCs front door for RFID expertise.

Still, Im not suggesting that RFID deployments represent easy money for solutions providers. On the contrary, most manufacturers are merely testing the RFID waters and dont expect to use RFID in their supply chains for at least 12 to 36 months. For much more about RFID solutions providers in the manufacturing vertical, look for an upcoming feature in eWeek within the next few weeks.

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