CTIA Showcases Non-Phone Breakthroughs

There was more than just cool handsets at CTIA. Here's a look at a few cool phone and wireless add-ons that caught my eye.

Now, heres a brilliant solution for those folks who have thrown out their land lines for cellular. Thats more people than you might think: The CTIA estimated last year that about 10 percent of wireless phone users have replaced their land lines and that 30 million to 40 million additional lines will be shut off in favor of mobile over the coming years.

The Dock-N-Talk from Phone Labs Technology Co. Inc. lets you use any standard POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) phone with your cellphone. Plug in up to 150 different types of cellphones into the base station in the middle of the picture, simply plug your home phone into the unit, and youre good to go.


Even better, for homes with multiple POTS phones in different rooms, you can connect the dock to your wiring network and access your cellphone from any room in the house.

The device itself, which is available now, costs $140. A phone-specific cradle costs another $15, while a Bluetooth connector costs an additional $70.

If youve booted your landline, this seems to be an ideal way to use cellular at home. Were looking forward to testing it in the future.

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