Dell Releases First EvDO ExpressCard

The computer giant has beaten Verizon and Sprint to the punch by releasing a high-speed EvDO ExpressCard of its own. (ExtremeTech)

The first ExpressCard for Verizons high-speed EvDO network is here, and its sold by Dell.

The new ExpressCard standard has replaced PC Cards in a slew of new laptops, including entries from Dell, Lenovo, HP and Apple.

But up until now, laptop owners have been frustrated by a lack of cards for their slots, especially cards that connect to cellular networks to provide Internet access anywhere.

In April, Novatel announced the XV620, an ExpressCard for high-speed EvDO (Evolution Data Optimized) networks that was being evaluated by Verizon and Sprint.

That was followed up on June 22 with the announcement of the XU870, a card for Cingulars HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) high-speed network that would also allow global roaming.

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But the XV620 has been stalled in Verizons and Sprints approval processes for several months now.

The XU870 for Cingular will go on sale sometime before October, according to Novatel.

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