Dialing for Directions

TSI's Xypages wireless application enables users to receive directory information via short messaging service on their digital phones.

If youre out on the road in an unfamiliar setting, you can now find out where the nearest gas station, post office or hotel is with a call from any digital cell phone.

Wednesday, TeleCommunications Systems Inc. introduced Xypages, a hosted wireless location directory assistance application for wireless carriers. Carriers with digital networks can offer enhanced location services without deploying new hardware and software.

Users receive directory information, such as the nearest gas station, via short messaging service on their phones. Driving directions can also be delivered over the service.

For carriers, the technology is touted as providing added impetus for users to use short messaging services, which are seen as an important means of boosting subscriber minutes.

TCS, of Annapolis, Md., also provides location software for mobile operators to deliver enhanced 911 services.