Google, Allies in Open Linux Phone Initiative

The Open Handset Alliance says phones based on the open-source "Android" stack should reach the market within a year. (

Google and 33 other companies have announced an ambitious industry alliance that will maintain a completely open-source mobile phone stack. The OHA (Open Handset Alliance) says phones based on its Linux-based "Android" stack will reach the market in as soon as eight months. /zimages/1/94222.jpg

The Android stack is based on an "open Linux kernel," the OHA said. It also includes a full set of mobile phone application software, in order to "significantly lower the cost of developing and distributing mobile devices and services."

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The stack appears to have been created by Android, a mobile phone software house that Google acquired just over two years ago. The Android stack's name is apparently a reflection of co-founder Andy Rubin's fondness for robots.

Rubin previously co-founded Danger, a software house that continues to provide software for the Sidekick "hiptop" marketed by T-Mobile.

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