Google Maps Are More Popular Than Ever: 10 Reasons Why

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Google Maps app for iOS has been downloaded 10 million times, indicating there are quite a few things about the application that attract users and keep them loyal.

Despite getting kicked out of iOS, Google Maps is still wildly popular on the mobile platform. After one week in the App Store, Google Maps has already hit 10 million downloads, making it the most popular free program available in that marketplace.

This news comes as Google and Apple intensify their battle for mobile market supremacy—a battle that Google appears to be winning quite handily.

Google Maps' popularity isn't all that surprising among those who have used Apple Maps. Apple's application was overrun with problems that the company has promised to fix in subsequent updates. But so far, the application is still as useless as it was months ago when it launched, leaving iOS users to scramble for programs to replace it. After all, mapping applications are extremely important on mobile devices. Too bad Apple didn't deliver a quality product.

But Google has. Now the company is reaping the rewards of that effort. Here are the reasons why Google Maps was a sure hit once it arrived in the App Store.

1. Apple Maps won't cut it

After using Apple's Maps for a few minutes, iOS users will quickly find that the application just doesn't hold up. Apple Maps lacks many of the details found in Google Maps and includes a wide array of inaccuracies that can't be overlooked. People have been using Google Maps on many platforms for years, and it always seems to work. Apple Maps looks pathetic in comparison.

2. The hype was huge

Prior to Google Maps' launch, news stories continued to appear on whether Apple would even allow the program into the App Store. Once the Google app launched, nearly all reviewers said it was a must-have for iOS users. That hype contributed significantly to Google's success.

3. StreetView is important

StreetView is arguably the best reason to download Google Maps. The feature allows users to see a view of a particular neighborhood or street nearly anywhere in the world as if they were standing there. It's a feature that's not available from Apple, and something that many folks missed in iOS.

4. The syncing is nice

Google's Maps application allows users to look for locations and get directions from their computers. Later on they can access them automatically within the mobile application. The synchronization feature is a huge advantage over other mapping applications and something a lot of folks have found appealing.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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