Hang Up and Eat: Intel's Mobile Device Etiquette for the Holidays

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Hang Up and Eat: Intel's Mobile Device Etiquette for the Holidays

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Not at the Table

More than half of those surveyed (52 percent) would be offended if someone at the dinner table secretly tried to use an Internet-enabled device.

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The Toilets OK

Regardless of issues surrounding hygiene, awkward accommodations and awkward moments, 75 percent said it was OK to use those devices in the bathroom.

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Saying 'Happy Holidays' Online

Sending an electronic holiday greeting card or e-mail rather than a traditional card is just fine, according to 62 percent of respondents.

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Eighty-eight percent said they'd be OK getting an e-mailed or electronic "thank you" note, rather than a traditional hand-written one.

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Keep Gift Suggestions on Paper

They might take greetings or thank-yous online, but 30 percent said they'd be offended getting a gift list sent to them online.

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No Mixing Religion and Texting

Turn off your mobile device if you're going to church. Eighty-seven percent said it's inappropriate using mobile technology at a religious holiday service.

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Security is the Focus

If you use a mobile device while standing in an airport security line during the busy holidays, expect to get the hairy eyeball from a third of the people around you. Thirty-six percent of the respondents say it's inappropriate.

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Look into Her Eyes...

And not at your smartphone. It's inappropriate to use a mobile device while on a date, according to 60 percent of the respondents.

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