How to Increase Employee Productivity by Using Mobile UC - Page 2

Improved reachability streamlines business processes

Improved reachability streamlines business processes-meaning, more work gets done. In addition, the mobile UC solution we chose enables direct cost-cutting measures. With this solution in place, our mobile workers roam seamlessly between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Calls are placed or received via Wi-Fi whenever a radio signal is available. The solution's voice over Wi-Fi feature offers optimal quality that equals that of a desk phone. Our employees can communicate via Wi-Fi in their work environment, or in hotspots such as their home office or local coffee shop. This means fewer costly cell minutes are used.

Why we chose this mobile UC solution

The following are six features that convinced us to choose this mobile UC solution:

Feature #1: Dual Persona. This allows personal calls to be routed through the native dialer (cell number) and business calls to be routed through the DiVitas Client (desk phone number).

Feature #2: Single Number Reach. This provides continual access to users directly through desk phone extension and/or direct dial number.

Feature #3: Visual Voicemail. Voicemail is displayed in a list form similar to e-mail.

Feature #4: Presence. Real-time reporting of availability and reachability mode (such as voice and/or IM).

Feature #5: Instant Messaging (IM). Allows full chat and text interchange between users.

Feature #6: Customer Choice. You can choose a mobile handset, select any carrier, and utilize existing investments in PBX and WLAN infrastructure.