How to Increase Employee Productivity by Using Mobile UC - Page 4

4. Staff attorneys

The staff attorney's responsibility is to conduct free legal clinics and to make sure all needed legal forms are completed properly. Like judges, staff attorneys handle multiple cases simultaneously. They also need to be highly available in order to expedite matters. This is a highly-mobile position. They leave their home courthouse in the morning, visit several other courthouses during the day, and return at the end of day.

Again, the more people we equip with a mobile phone, the more we need to watch our mobile bills. With the seamless roaming and other features of this new mobile UC solution, we are able to easily accomplish that.

Improved collaboration saves money

This mobile UC solution makes our employees more reachable and productive, at the lowest cost possible, which is solving a critical business need for us. Budgets are tight and time is precious, but the job at hand has to be performed as efficiently as it happens in the corporate world.

Court employees across the board are highly mobile and always juggling several cases at once. The improved collaboration provided by the mobile UC solution we chose to implement is helping us, and therefore taxpayers, to save money.

/images/stories/heads/knowledge_center/ireland_greg70x70.jpg Gregory Ireland is the Executive Officer of the Thirteenth Judicial District Court in Los Lunas (Albuquerque), New Mexico. Gregory has been an executive officer of general and appellate jurisdiction courts in both urban and rural areas since 1984. He has been recognized to speak nationwide, and has often coached court organizations in subjects such as caseflow management, electronic document filing and best practices for litigants who represent themselves in court proceedings.

Gregory's courts have won two national Justice Achievement Awards from the National Association of Court Management. He has been influential in helping courts to adopt technology standards such as "Courtroom 21." Numerous articles concerning the use of advanced technology in the courts Gregory supervises have appeared in a wide variety of publications. Gregory holds two Masters Degrees in Administration from the University of Denver, College of Law. He can be reached at [email protected].