Intel Keynote

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Intel Keynote

Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney delivers the keynote address at Computex, which included the introduction of what the chip vendor is calling the "ultrabook," an ultra-thin notebook that will offer tablet-like features.

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Maloney shows off a tablet reference design for "Medfield," a 32-nanometer Atom platform specifically designed for tablets and smartphones. The tablet Maloney showed off was running Google's Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" operating system. Medfield-powered tablets running both Android and MeeGo should hit the market in the first half of 2012, according to Intel.

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Atom Tablets

Intel's Maloney showcases a wall of tablets that are powered by the company's Atom X670 "Oak Trail" processors. Intel executives expect at least 35 system designs based on Oak Trail, which was launched in April.

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Intel and Asus

Asus Chairman Jonney Shih joins Maloney on stage to unveil the new UX21 ultrabook, which is based on the newest Core processors from Intel.

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Intel and the Cloud

Maloney also talked about Intel's Cloud 2015 vision, which includes enterprises and SMBs having the ability to securely move data across public and private clouds, automated networks for moving workloads between servers in the data center, and device-aware clouds. Here Maloney demonstrates that cloud vision with dynamic workload management and Intel's TXT (Trusted Execution Technology), which is embedded in the vendor's "Westmere" and "Sandy Bridge" Xeon chips for secure downloading and execution of applications in virtual machines.

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-Keeley Lake

-Keeley Lake' is Intel's newest reference design for ultra-thin notebooks. In this case, the notebook is convertible, and can be used as a tablet or a notebook.

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The hinge for Keeley Lake is in the center of the display, rather than on the sides, which enables it to be converted from a notebook to a tablet and back. The reference design is based on Intel's upcoming Atom "Cedar Trail" platform.

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Intel's Keeley Lake will enable stylish designs and sleek form-factors, according to company officials. It also will offer new multitouch displays and a thinness ranging from 17mm to 20mm.

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