Internet Access for Small Offices

Arescom enters wireless residential gateway market with product series.

Internet Access Small and home offices have a new tool to help them gain Internet access through wireless devices.

New Market Arescom Inc. has rolled out its AresGate 1000 Wireless LAN Gateway series, the Fremont, Calif., companys entry into the wireless residential gateway market. Based on the IEEE 802.11b standard, it enables small and home offices to share an Internet connection through a single cable, DSL (digital subscriber line) or 56K-bps Internet account.

Features The Pro edition comes with a built-in 56K-bps modem and combines the feature sets of an IP-sharing cable/DSL/56K-bps router with wireless networking capabilities. The other edition does not have the 56K-bps modem.

Pricing Both are available now, with the Pro version starting at $239 and the other edition at $219.