iPad Mini Sure to Be a Big Seller: 10 Reasons Why

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple’s iPad Mini will be a hit when it launches before the end of the current quarter. That will be bad news for Google, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and everybody else selling tablets.

Apple’s iPad Mini could be unveiled soon. In fact, according to some reports, Apple will announce a press event this week and possibly show off the new tablet at that gathering next week.

When it does so, expect the company to make grand statements on why its iPad Mini, which will reportedly come with a 7.85-inch screen, will be so much better than all others. Moreover, observers can expect Apple to make the case that its tablet will generate stronger sales than competing 7-inch tablets.

Although detractors and competitors would hate to see that happen, the fact is, there’s a pretty good chance that the iPad Mini will be a big seller. In fact, if the iPad Mini turns out to be what the analysts and industry sources predict it will be, the device will be a sales juggernaut. With its cheaper pricing and Apple flair, the iPad Mini will satisfy those who want an Apple product, but don’t want to pay the $499 entry fee it costs to get a new full-size iPad.

Read on to find out why the iPad Mini will sell big—really big.

1. There’s a need for a smaller iPad

Although Apple already sells a tablet with a 9.7-inch screen, Apple has convinced itself there’s a market need for a smaller iPad. With a 7.85-inch screen, the iPad Mini will be more mobile than its bigger alternative and the chances are Apple will make it thinner and lighter too. The iPad Mini might just prove to be the ideal mobility option for customers.

2. The price will be right

The iPad Mini’s pricing will likely come in much lower than the new iPad. With a lower price there’s a good chance that consumers will flock to the device. After all, if they can get their hands on an iPad running iOS 6 for a few hundred bucks, what’s going to stop them?

3. Remember the holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, which means Apple’s iPad Mini will be on the top of shopping lists after Thanksgiving. In fact, according to reports, Apple likely won’t launch the iPad Mini until late October or early November, putting it in perfect position to capitalize on the holiday rush.

4. It brings in new tablet customers

Apple’s iPad is popular, but due to its price, it caters to only certain customers. Those on a budget have heretofore opted for the Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 or have just sat on the sidelines. Now that the iPad Mini will be smaller, cheaper alternatives, all bets are off. And chances are, even more customers will join the tablet craze.

5. Apple will heavily promote it

Apple is a master at promoting its products. As soon as it unveils a device, it takes just hours for the first commercials to pop up. Then, the company launches print ads, enhances its PR machine and does everything it can to get the word out about its latest product. Expect the iPad Mini to enjoy the same attention.

6. Amazon and Google have already laid the groundwork

Although smaller tablets don’t tend to sell as well as larger slates, Apple’s chief competitors, Amazon and Google, have laid the groundwork for the company’s success in the lower-end. Amazon and Google have pioneered the market for smaller tablets. Many tablet users are happy with those products, which has paved the way for the iPad mini to hit the market.

7. Look for solid features

According to the latest reports, Apple’s iPad Mini will come with a host of respectable features, including dual cameras, possibly a Retina display and a design that one analyst says, will even best the new iPad. If that’s true, expect the device to have extremely strong sales.

8. There’s already built-in interest

The rumor mill might be trying to dig up details on the iPad Mini, but what it has really done is drum up demand. In fact, the more the rumors come out, the more customers are growing anxious to see what the smaller slate looks like. It’s great news for Apple.

9. The enterprise will like it

The enterprise has so far adopted the iPad in surprisingly strong numbers. However, the biggest issue with Apple’s slate is that it’s not as mobile as some companies would like. With a tiny frame and slightly smaller screen, the iPad Mini should solve that problem. In turn, overall sales will go up.

10. Give Apple its due

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, Apple knows what it’s doing. The company was the first to usher in the tablet craze and with each update, it has attracted more customers. Expect the iPad Mini to do the same. Like it or not, Apple just knows what it’s doing in the tablet market.

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