iPhone 5, iPad Mini, Apple TV and Seven Other Products We Missed at WWDC

NEWS ANALYSIS: The highlights of the initial WWDC keynote were the introduction of iOS 6, Mountain Lion and a next-generation MacBook Pro. But there were many long-hoped-for Apple products missing. Here are some of the products that many customers wanted to see.

Apple on June 11 took the stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference to discuss the many new products it has already launched or plans to unveil in the coming weeks and months. From iOS 6, the new update to its mobile operating system, to OS X Mountain Lion, Apple showed off a host of new offerings for consumers and enterprise users to get excited about.

However, there were still some major omissions. On the hardware side, especially, consumers were disappointed to see that the new iPhone and the long-rumored iPad didn€™t show up. And as much as Apple fans wanted to see it, the television that has been the most drool-worthy possibility to come out of Cupertino since the iPhone, was also a no-show. Simply put, there was a lot that we wished Apple had announced at WWDC but just didn€™t.

Read on to find out the complete list of things that Apple didn€™t discuss at WWDC, but many of the company€™s fans wished it had.

1. Where€™s the iPhone 5?

Prior to the Worldwide Developers Conference, several reports claimed Apple was considering unveiling the iPhone 5 during its keynote. However, the company made no mention of any new iPhones, which seems to confirm that it won€™t unveil the device until later this year. Expect the iPhone 5 to launch at the same time as iOS 6€”this fall.

2. How about that new iPad mini?

There has also been talk of Apple launching a new iPad to take on smaller devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet. The device would offer a 7-inch screen and come in at a much cheaper price than its larger predecessors. At WWDC, however, Apple hardly even mentioned a new iPad, let alone the iPad Mini.

3. Waiting on the Apple TV

Where€™s the Apple TV? For several months, rumors have been circulating that Apple is planning to revolutionize the television market with a set that combines apps, iCloud and high-quality visuals. But so far, the company has not given any indication that a TV is in the works. Some had hoped to get some details on a new television at Apple€™s WWDC keynote, but they were disappointed.

4. An improvement to the current Apple TV

Just prior to Apple€™s WWDC keynote, reports claimed that the company was working on a software development kit for its Apple TV set-top box. With the help of that SDK, developers could create programs that would work on any television and extend their ability to perform tasks in the living room. Too bad Apple didn€™t get the memo at WWDC.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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