Netgear Ships 802.11n Routers

The company teams up with Marvell to roll out a line of routers and PC cards based on the faster Wi-Fi spec.

Last week, Marvell and Netgear unveiled Marvells next-generation TopDog wireless LAN platform, which was designed for the recently approved 802.11n specification.

Marvell has partnered with Netgear to ship a line of 802.11n IEEE draft-compliant products, including wireless routers and PC client cards. The products range in price from $129 to $249 and will be offered both in stores and online.

802.11n, approved as a draft specification in March, replaces 802.11g Wi-Fi as the next-generation standard for wireless networking. Its optimized to offer interactivity and interoperability within the home and on the go, through various mobile devices. 802.11n is focused on streaming [mobile] entertainment, and uses MIMO (multiple input multiple output) technology. The spec will be upgraded in 2007, according to Netgear.

Netgear, which is a member of the IEEE and Wi-Fi Alliance, is currently rolling out to stores its RangeMax Next Gigabit Edition Networking kit that includes a wireless router with 10/100/1000 switch and wireless notebook adapter, among other products. The kit, which is based on Marvells 802.11n draft-compliant chip sets, has already passed FCC approval and retails for approximately $349.

"The bandwidth demands on wireless network infrastructures are increasing exponentially with…adoption of bandwidth-intensive applications such as HD video streaming, VOIP, file sharing, music and video downloads and Internet gaming," said Vivek Pathela, Netgear vice president of product marketing and management, in a statement. "802.11n will deliver…speed and stability at further range, while providing interoperability with any wireless device in the home."

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