New Nokia Handsets Run on CDMA

CDMA networks have not traditionally been a focus for the Finnish phone giant.

NEW ORLEANS—Nokia Inc. on Monday introduced several new handsets that run on CDMA (code division multiple access) networks, which have not traditionally been a focus for the Finnish phone giant.

"Weve been in a scenario where we havent really scaled our efforts right with CDMA, but thats changing," said Soren Petersen, senior vice president and general manager of Nokias CDMA business unit in San Diego.

The new handsets include the 2200 series, the 3586i, and the 6585.

The 2200 series has basic voice and text functions and is geared toward a budget-conscious audience.

"This is your Old Navy," Petersen said. "This is your Gap.

The 2270 and 2285 include GPS location functionality to comply with the Federal Communications Commissions E911 mandate that lets emergency workers locate cell phones. The 2280, which is designed for Latin America, does not include GPS.

The Nokia 3586i is a tri-mode CDMA20001x phone that has a color screen, support for Java, and graphical caller ID icons. It also has a luminescent cover that shines brightly enough to light up three rows in a dark movie theater, Petersen said.

The Nokia 6585 is a small "fashion phone" that includes high-speed data support and downloadable applications in addition to a built-in FM radio and speakerphone.

All are available in the second quarter.

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