Palm, RIM Unite Treo and BlackBerry Server

Treo 650 smartphone will connect to push-based e-mail and calendar synchronization.

As expected, Palm Inc. and Research in Motion Inc. last week announced plans to let Palms Treo 650 smartphones connect to push-based e-mail and calendar synchronization software on a BlackBerry server.

Through RIMs BlackBerry Connect licensing program, connectivity with a BlackBerry server will be an option on Palms VersaMail e-mail client, officials said.

The Treo 650, which runs Palmsource Inc.s Palm OS, already supports remote e-mail access software from Good, Visto, Intellisync and Seven, but RIM is the market leader in the space.

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RIM announced initial plans to connect its software with the Palm OS, in the spring of 2003. Around the same time, the company announced plans for BlackBerry connectivity with Microsoft Corp.s Mobile Windows platforms.

BlackBerry connectivity should be available for the Treo in early 2006 from Cingular Wirleless. Officials did not say whether the solution will be available for the upcoming Treo that runs Windows. But sources close to RIM have said that by November, both T-Mobile USA Inc. and Verizon Wireless will be selling Windows Mobile devices that support BlackBerry Connect .

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