PalmSource Takes Aim at Wireless Operators

At Comdex Las Vegas 2003, PalmSource on Monday introduced a new development program aimed at wireless operators.

LAS VEGAS—Palm OS vendor PalmSource on Monday announced here at Comdex Las Vegas 2003 a new program aimed at bringing wireless operators into the operating systems development mix.

The Palm Powered MobileWorld program gives operators the opportunity to collaborate with Palmsource to make sure their feedback is integral in developing the Palm OS platform.

The program also formalizes the process by which operators work with Palmsource to develop software applications that can be delivered over-the-air to Palm OS-based smart phones.

Sprint PCS Group is the first carrier partner in the program.


Separately, Palmsource announced a new licensee. Percomm Inc. plans to build paging devices that run Palm OS Version 5.0 over ReFLEX, GSM and CDMA networks.