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Nokia readies 5510 device

Looks are deceiving Nokia Corp., of Espoo, Finland, is getting ready to ship an entertainment device cum phone that the company says "Looks weird. Sounds great."

All-in-one box The Nokia 5510, due by years end, combines a phone, an MP3 player, an FM radio, a games platform, a full keyboard, Short Message Service and a Wireless Application Protocol-based e-mail capability. It includes 64MB of memory and comes with software and cables to enable users to transfer music to the device.

Let the games begin The keyboard includes game controls, and the 5510 comes with five embedded games: Bumper, Space Impact, Snake ll, Pairs ll and Bantumi.

Making the rounds The device will be available in Europe and Asia later this quarter, then the United States after that. Pricing starts at about $360.