Qualcomm Names New Wireless Knowledge CEO

Norm Fjeldheim is new CEO of Qualcomm's Wireless Knowledge subsidiary.

Qualcomm Inc. has named Norm Fjeldheim CEO of its Wireless Knowledge subsidiary, officials at the San Diego company announced Friday.

Fjeldheim most recently was Qualcomms chief information officer, a post he had held since 1999. He replaces Eric Schultz, who has resigned from Wireless Knowledge.

Wireless Knowledge is a wireless middleware server company, which Qualcomm created with Microsoft Corp. in 1998. Microsoft sold its half of the company to Qualcomm last November as it became clear that Wireless Knowledge was competing directly with some of Microsofts own separate efforts.

Qualcomm specializes in CDMA (code division multiple access) technology, which is the basis for several U.S. wireless networks.

As corporate customers are a major target for wireless carriers in the states, Qualcomm has been making more of a point lately to align Wireless Knowledges efforts with those of Qualcomm as a whole.

"Qualcomm has already dedicated resources for the enterprise market, and this new organizational structure will allow Wireless Knowledge to align more closely with Qualcomms existing enterprise strategy," Fjeldheim said in a statement. "Qualcomms core technology supports [third-generation wireless] services to deliver a nationwide high-speed network for enterprise users. Wireless Knowledge provides the enterprise solutions and services that take advantage of this high-speed capability. This new alignment will provide enterprises with the solutions that deliver immediate business value."