Remotely Managing Public WLANs

New management service from InteQ remotely monitors and troubleshoots wireless "hot spots."

Management Service Provider (MSP) InteQ Corp. Wednesday launched a new remote management service for publicly available wireless LANs.

The Bedford, Mass., MSP provides remote monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting for wireless "hot spots"—wireless LANs that mobile workers can use in public places such as cafes and airports.

"InteQ views this as a good opportunity. A large number of airport authorities are implementing wireless LANs. We think wireless LANs will be an extension of the corporate network," said Bob Flaherty, vice president of service strategy and business development in Bedford, Mass.

The service, based on an extension of InteQs service delivery platform, is designed to track usage levels, manage bandwidth capacity and manage availability of those hot spots for clients.

In addition to using its own Internet Protocol-based tools to remotely manage wireless hot spots, InteQ is using Ciscos Wireless LAN Services Engine to manage access point device configuration, Packeteer Inc.s traffic management tools gathering usage data from Bluesocket Inc.s wireless gateways.

The services monitoring capability includes problem identification, diagnostics and resolution across the application, database, network and system infrastructure.

The service also includes 24x7 help desk support based on a Web-enabled enterprise service desk tool that works from any location. It also includes a secure, Web-based reporting portal that provides availability and performance views along with application and device-specific breakdowns.

The service, available both domestically and internationally, is managed from InteQs Bedford network operations center. It ranges in price from about $12 per month per device for just access points up to $1000 per device per month for managing network infrastructure and servers.