RIM, Palm Team Up

Palm to run RIM's wireless e-mail software on the Palm operating system.

PalmSource Inc. on Tuesday announced plans with Research in Motion Ltd. to run RIMs wireless e-mail software on the Palm operating system.

Through RIMs BlackBerry Connect licensing program, Palm OS licensees will have access to RIMs software client, which allows for behind-the-firewall e-mail and corporate data connectivity for wireless devices, said officials at PalmSource in San Mateo, Calif.

RIM, of Waterloo, Canada, announced similar deals with Symbian Ltd. and Microsoft Corp. in March, to bring BlackBerry e-mail capabilities to the Symbian, Pocket PC and Smartphone platforms.

PalmSource, for its part, announced a similar deal with RIMs competitor Good Technology Inc. last fall.

Also on Tuesday, PalmSource announced two new licensees for the Palm OS.

Tapwave Inc., a startup in Mountain View, Calif., will use the operating system as the basis of a gaming device due later this year.

Aceeca Ltd., an electronics company in Christchurch, New Zealand, will use the operating system in a new handheld device geared toward diagnostic applications. The Meazura features a proprietary expansion slot called the MZIO, which is designed to hold various scientific sensors as well as memory cards. Meazura is due in June.

PalmSource also introduced a toolkit aimed at making it easier to develop applications for Palm OS version 5 that are native to the ARM processor.

The Fast ARM Solutions Toolkit (FAST) includes a new debugger that can do source-level debugging through the serial port, officials said. It also includes new runtime libraries. The toolkit will also be compatible with Palm version OS6, which is due later this year, as well as with future versions of the ARM processor.

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