Siemens Amplifies IP Telephony

Siemens raises the bar for sound quality with a new line of IP phones.

Siemens information and Communication Networks Inc. is trying to raise the bar for sound quality and features in IP telephony offerings with a new line of IP phones and the latest release of its HiPath 4000 Real-Time IP System.

The OptiPoint 410 line of IP phones offers better sound quality than traditional PBX phones, thanks to a new codec that delivers 7KHz of bandwidth, compared with the 3.3KHz provided in PBX phones, according to officials.

The OptiPoint line includes four models and a series of modules with features such as a touch-screen display for directory dialing or integrating a Web browser.

Version 2.0 of HiPath ups the ante for resiliency—even compared with traditional time-division multiplexing PBXes—by exploiting the dynamic rerouting capabilities in IP-based networks, officials said.

"It is as reliable and has all the things PBX had, [plus] it can do dynamic rerouting," said Joan Vandermate, Siemens vice president of product management for platforms and desktops, in San Jose, Calif. "You can make it more impervious to attack. You can distribute the elements of it so that if you have a failure at the main site ... the system can continue to function. You can put redundancy options and failover servers at other locations."

HiPath 4000 is targeted at midsize and large enterprises; the new version is due in January.

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