Symbol Handhelds Support LANs, WANs

Two new handhelds run Microsoft's Pocket PC OS on Intel's 400MHz XScale chip.

Symbol Technologies Inc. this week introduced two handheld computers that include support for both local area and wide area wireless networks.

At the CeBIT trade show and exposition in Hannover, Germany, Symbol unveiled the PDT 8037 and 8056, which are capable of connecting to GPRS (general packet radio service) cell phone networks.

The PDT 8056 also includes support for 802.11b wireless LAN networks.

Both run Microsoft Corp.s Pocket PC 2002 operating system on Intel Corp.s 400MHz XScale processor.

As is the case with most of Symbols handheld devices, the PDT 8037 and 8056 include a bar code scanner and are designed to withstand five-foot drops onto concrete. Additional features include a Secure Digital card slot and an internal antenna for GPRS.

The devices are already available to large corporate accounts for about $1,500, said officials at the Holtsville, N.Y., company.

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