T-Mobile, iPass Ink Hot Spot Pact

T-Mobile and iPass have joined forces to cater to wireless travelers' roaming needs.

T-Mobile USA and iPass have announced a distribution agreement that will let business users have access to T-Mobiles HotSpot network through iPasss virtual network. Many IT managers already cater to their users roaming needs by giving them iPass software clients; users then access online services through a mixture of wireless and dial-up links. The new agreement with T-Mobile adds that companys HotSpot network to the mix, which T-Mobile claims is the largest network of wireless hotspots in North America.

The T-Mobile HotSpot network is a carrier-class wireless broadband network found at airports, airline clubs, and lounges for American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines. Its also in place at Borders Books, Kinkos, and Starbucks outlets.

"This basically takes a very large hotspot network and makes it part of the remote access options that iPass users have for getting connected," explains John Yunker, analyst at Pyramid Research. "Because of the size of T-Mobiles network, its a long time coming—and many of us have wondered why there arent more of these roaming agreements—but its not a meaningful event for consumers."


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