The Day the PCs Stood Still

Shutdown Day tests techies; ex-Nortel execs are in hot water.

"Tach it up, tach it up, buddy gonna shut you down," crooned the Kitty, Beach Boys-like, when he heard that March 24 has been designated Shutdown Day 2007 by the folks at The global experiment hopes to see if people can function without their computers for one day. "Of course, it has to be a Saturday—why couldnt it be a work day?" laughed the lazy Lynx.

The KattPhones new ring tone, "Do It Again," by the Beach Boys, brought forth a call from a crony who said some former Nortel execs were facing accounting fraud charges in two countries. Former Nortel CEO Frank Dunn, former CFO Douglas Beatty, former Controller Michael Gollogly and former Assistant Controller MaryAnne Pahapill are facing charges from the SEC and the Ontario Securities Commission for allegedly fiddling with the companys financial results—which garnered the four beaucoup bucks in bonuses from 2000 to 2004.

"I wonder if the SEC will consider the exchange rate in the charges filed. I mean, they mustve racked up an extra 18 cents on the dollar on the Canadian side," deadpanned the demented Drudge.

Realizing the caller was not amused by his lame attempt at wit, the Katt soon skatted off to have lunch with an Intel-ligent pal.

Settling in at a bistro named ChloÈ, the duo ordered two Camparis and an Alsatian-style pizza. Spence asked the Intel-ligent one if the rumors were true that Intels Centrino Pro (formerly code-named Santa Rosa) platform would be released by early May, but the pal just smiled and noted that a fairly sizable ad campaign would supply an answer to that question soon.

Next, El Gato ordered a bottle of Victor Hugo wine and queried his companion on whether or not an eight-core Mac Pro may soon be available, running dual Intel quad-core processors. Alas, the pal said itd be better to check with a "Mac Genius" for the answer to that one. "Well, then do you know where Barrett and Otellinis lost e-mails are?" cackled the Kitty.

The Furry One was jokingly referring to the fact that Intel Chairman Craig Barrett, President Paul Otellini and other employees are claiming they failed to back up and preserve e-mail that could be vital to the antitrust suit launched against the company by rival AMD.

Having no answer for the Furballs foolishness, the pal asked Spence if hed be attending Lotus 25th anniversary celebration on May 12 at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, Mass. "Naw, I think Im still hung over from the Lotus parties of yore," mused the Mouser. Over dessert, Spence noted that the latest Palm acquisition rumors see Dell as the shining suitor to save the beleaguered handheld company.

Finally, the pal asked Spence if he thought Google might acquire ThinkFree, the online alternative to Microsoft Office. "I dunno. ThinkFrees multiple editions, from hosted services to an iPod-compatible version, could be appealingto Google—if for no other reason than to watch Microsoft boss Steve Ballmers head explode," said the Tabby.

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Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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