Trapeze Software Eases Services Delivery

Trapeze Networks this week will announce upgrades to its wireless LAN switch software.

Trapeze Networks Inc. this week will announce upgrades to its wireless LAN switch software that make it easier to deliver and manage public and private WLAN services over the same infrastructure.

The Pleasanton, Calif., companys Mobility System Software now includes Virtual Service Sets, new Web-based authentication tools and a guest provisioning application, officials said.

Virtual Service Sets let IT managers configure several services on the same network. Up to 64 BSSIDs (basic service set identifiers) are available on a single access point. Each can support a separate service. IT administrators said this feature is necessary for those supporting more than one type of data or security protocol on their WLANs.

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Users explained that the products give them extra flexibility. "We are currently trying to set up WPA [Wi-Fi Protected Access] for most users, but there are some legacy users who cant use WPA, so well need a different SSID for them," said Russ Vrolyk, a network engineer at Postini Inc., in Redwood City, Calif. It will also be easier to support secure and insecure networks simultaneously, Trapeze officials said.

Trapeze Web Services for Wireless includes a set of tools to create Web-based log-in portals for users whose devices dont support 802.1x or for guests who need network access.

Previous versions of Trapezes management software supported basic Web authentication; the new software adds authentication and accounting services as well. Customized access control lists track usage statistics, which is helpful for companies that might want to charge for public access.

The software upgrade includes the Guest Provisioning Application, Java-based software that lets receptionists or security guards set up temporary user accounts for guests without IT intervention. Guests are authenticated on a Trapeze MX switch, meaning there is no interaction with the corporate AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) server.

Mobility System Software Version 3.0 is available now as a free upgrade to existing customers.

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