Wireless Product Showcase

See our latest wild wireless product previews: Vulcan's Mini PC, the Cisco Wireless IP Phone 7920, Sony's RoomLink digital media hub, the Siemens Hhb-500 Bluetooth Mobile Phone, and Veo's Wireless Network Camera.

Vulcans Mini PC

Vulcans Mini PC

Description: It claims to be "tomorrows PC." It is small enough to be carried around, runs on Windows XP and is wirelessly connected.

Whats cool: The fact that it weighs less than a pound, has integrated Wi-Fi, a 5.8 inch monitor, 20GB hard drive and has a small, built-in keyboard.

Whats not cool: The mini keyboard might be too small for long-term usage. Also, the Mini PC isnt out just yet. Look out for it sometime later this year. It is expected to cost around $1,999. Interesting how the price compares to the 12 inch Apple PowerBook. The question is: what would you rather buy?


Cisco Wireless IP Phone 7920

Cisco Wireless IP Phone 7920

Description: This new cell phone is meant to be used on "corporate campuses," for companies with voice over IP systems.

Whats cool: It has Wi-Fi capability, ideal for highly mobile employees like doctors or frequent business travellers. Eventually, Ciscos vision includes a virtual private networking capability built into it, so that you can use the 7290 at any Wi-Fi hotspot.

Whats not cool: The 7290 Wireless IP Phone is due for release in June and will cost around $595. Thats still too expensive for the technology to be adopted by very small companies.

URL: http://newsroom.cisco.com/dlls/ts_042903.html

Sonys RoomLink

Sonys RoomLink digital media hub

Description: NetRoomLink is Sonys new digital media entertainment hub that wirelessly connects your home PC to your home entertainment system.

Whats cool: The fact that you can take all the fun stuff like music, photos and video clips from your PC and play them on your home theater system. Its just a very neat concept.

Whats not cool: The fact that it requires Sony-branded software to be able to use it in the first place. Youll need the Sony Vaios and Sony music/video software to make RoomLink work. Also, if youve already invested in 802.11b for your home, youll need to spend some money on upgrading to either 802.11g or 802.11a. RoomLink costs around $200.

URL: Story on ExtremeTech

Siemens Hhb-500 Bluetooth Mobile Phone

The Siemens Hhb-500 Bluetooth Mobile Phone Headset

Description: It is a wireless headset from Siemens. The products advertising slogan is "Free Yourself," Thats because the headset has Bluetooth technology and can worn in either ear.

Whats cool: You can accept and end calls by pressing a single key and it lets you adjust the volume via a rocker switch. Weighs just 25g.

Whats not cool: Wireless calls can only extend up to a radius of 10 meters. And at $170 it is more expensive than other wireless headsets in the market.

URL: http://www.expansys.us/product.asp?code=HHB-500


Veos Wireless Network Camera

Description: This is a wireless network camera from Veo that uses 802.11b, and is especially targeted at the home security market.

Whats cool: Users can use Internet Explore to view the images captured by the camera. The camera also captures video and audio and is capable of sending email alerts whenever motion gets detected.

Whats not cool: The motion detector is an additional investment of $30. The wireless network camera itself costs around $299.99.

URL: http://www.veoproducts.com/Observer-Wireless/default.asp