Wireless Product Showcase - 4

See our late-breaking wireless product previews: Sony's Airboard, Apple's eMac, the Itronix GoBook Tablet PC, and Motorola's IMFree.

Itronix GoBook Tablet PC

Itronix GoBook Tablet PC

Description: From Itronix, a small and light ruggedized Tablet PC, the GoBook Tablet PC weighs just 3.7 lbs and is Bluetooth equipped.

Whats cool: The fact that it can be integrated with 802.11b, Bluetooth, CDMA or GPRS. It is extremely rugged and can be made to work in "environmentally-challenging" situations. You can probably use this out in the rain.

Whats not cool: At 8.4 inches, the LCD screen is a little small and the 866MHz processor could have been a bit faster.

URL: http://www.itronix.com/products/tablet/Gobooktablet.asp

Motorolas IMFree

Motorolas IMFree

Description: The IMFree is sort of like the wireless version of the AOL instant messenger.

Whats cool: Provides good support for AIMs functionality. It also requires no monthly fee and setup is pretty easy.

Whats not cool: It appears to be a somewhat bulky device created mostly for one purpose — AOL Instant messenger. Since the base station is attached to a home PC, the range is very limited. The device costs $99.99.

URL: http://www.motorola.com/mediacenter/news/detail/0,1958,2736_2221_23,00.html

Apples eMac

Apples new eMac

Description:Its basically an updated eMac from Apple.

Whats cool: It has a 17-inch flat CRT screen and a 1GHz processor speed. It also includes a built-in antenna and card slot to support Apples AirPort Extreme wireless card.

Whats not cool: The AirPort Extreme supports only the 802.11g wireless network.

URL: http://news.designtechnica.com/article338.html

Sonys Airboard

Sonys Airboard

Description: The Airboard looks like a Tablet PC, but its really a flat-panel television that can be used to access the internet and email wirelessly. Rather like a wireless broadband TV.

Whats cool: Digital video gets streamed in from a base station with a tuner included, so it can be connected permanently to either an antenna or cable TV.

Whats not cool: For a $1100 price tag (this is in Japan), the functionality of the device is always in question: is it just another high-end portable TV or is it supposed to be more?

URL: http://www.sony.jp/airboard/indexpc.html