3Com to Take On Cisco in Enterprise Networking

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3Com to Take On Cisco in Enterprise Networking

by Jeffrey Burt

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H3C S5580-32C

3Com's H3C S5800 Series flex-chassis enterprise switch family is aimed at improving network reliability and application delivery while reducing overall ownership costs for businesses.

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H3C S5800-60C

This switch is a 48-port, triple-speed model that includes two expansion module slots and one OSN (open service networking) module. Its port density can grow to one 80G or 12 10G ports.

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H3C S5820X-28C

The S5820X-28C is a flex-chassis switch that offers high-density 10G and 1G connectivity. It also supports embedded extensible application services, including security, wireless and monitoring.

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H3C S12518

The new H3C S12500 data center aggregation and high-end core switch can deliver 2.2 billion packets per second of forwarding through a 6.6-tbps (terabit-per-second) non-blocking fabric, with up to 128 10G or 864 Gigabit Ethernet ports and consuming 50 percent less power than competing models.

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3Com IMC

3Com's Intelligent Management Center offers single-pane management of the entire enterprise network infrastructure. The screenshot shows the hierarchical network topology view, with dynamic status monitoring showing the ability to import maps and building plans as a background to the device topology.