A Secure Log-On

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A Secure Log-On

A simple single-sign-on screen belies the power the SRA 4600 provides.

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The Set-Up Console

The set-up starts with a look at the status of the device. Here, all the functionality is exposed while a wizard guides the set-up process.

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User Set-Up

One of the first basic chores is to define the administrative users, end users, groups and so forth. Integration with active directory saves a significant amount of time.

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Defining Connectivity

Multiple interfaces make it easy to segment the remote service capabilities of the device.

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Portal-Based Access

Defining the user portal is the key to making the device easy to access. The portal is fully customizable and driven by policies.

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Offloading Applications Boosts Performance

The ability to offload applications enhances performance and security for remote users.

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Administrative Dashboard

Once set up, the SRA4600 proves to be simple to administer, thanks to a console that brings simplicity to the process.

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NetExtender VPN Provides Secure Remote Access

One of the most powerful capabilities offered by the SRA4600 is the Netextender thin-client VPN, which basically securely extends the network topology to remote workers without any hassles.

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Defining File Shares

File Shares make it simple to share files between users, allowing quick collaboration, without the need for complex file-management schemes.

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Logging and Reporting Tools

Extensive logging and reporting make security validation, auditing and troubleshooting much simpler.

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Built-In Analyzer Tracks Device Operation

The integrated analyzer gives insight to device operations and activity, making it easier to determine licensing needs or to identify performance bottlenecks or other problems.

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Simplified Network Access Control

A simplified NAC offers a way to vet systems before being allowed to join the network.

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The Secure Virtual Assistant Delivers Remote Help

Integrated tech-support capabilities allow help desk staffers to solve problems by remote control of client systems.

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Support for Web Meetings

The SRA 4600 also includes a basic Web meeting and hosting capability, replacing third-party services.

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Firewall Keeps Track of Remote User Activities

Real-time firewall monitoring helps keep an eye on remote users and what they are attempting to do.

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