APC Offers Enclosure for Large Networking Switches

APC's NetShelter SX Networking Enclosure is designed to handle the growing numbers of large core networking switches being used in data centers. In addition, when combined with APC's new Side Airflow Duct Kit, the networking enclosure offers more efficient cooling capabilities, the company says.

APC by Schneider Electric is rolling out an enclosure that the company says addresses the increasing use of large networking switches in the data center while keeping down power and cooling costs.

The NetShelter SX Networking Enclosure, unveiled Feb. 22, is designed to house large core networking switches and high-volume cabling applications, according to APC officials.

"The growth of large networking switches in the data center has created a demand for enclosures specifically designed for high-density applications," Dave Guidette, senior vice president for enterprise systems, services and software at APC, said in a statement.

The new enclosure can hold myriad networking configurations and cabling options, according to APC. Integrated high-density cable managers offer enough cable capacity for 768 data ports, and additional vertical cable channel located behind the left mounting rails provides extra cable capacity. In addition, the enclosure roof offers larger cable exit areas than other enclosures, designed for large cable bundles.

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The NetShelter SX Networking Enclosure is designed to work with APC's new Side Airflow Duct Kit for better cooling capabilities. The combination enables data center administrators to isolate hot exhaust from cold intake air for large switches and SAN (storage area network) managers, according to the company.

"With many of the switches having unique side-to-side airflow, the NetShelter SX Networking Enclosure, along with the Side Airflow Duct Kit, offers extra room for cable and superior airflow isolation, allowing for better cooling efficiency," Guidette said.

The new enclosure also integrates with APC's InfraStruxure management software.