Appro Releases Its Energy-Efficient GreenBlade System

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Appro Releases Its Energy-Efficient GreenBlade System

by Jeffrey Burt

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1U Alternative

Appro officials say their GreenBlade System gives HPC and midsize businesses an alternative to 1U servers, with greater density and better energy efficiency. To read an article on the system, click here.

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High Density

Powered by AMD quad-core Opterons, the Appro GreenBlade System supports as many as 10 dual-processor server blades with up to 80 processing cores.

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Cost Savings

The GreenBlade System offers a unique green blade server design and uses 90 percent-plus efficient power supplies. It also has remote server management capabilities and a choice of Linux or Windows OS.

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Appro's energy-efficient blade system has hot-swappable and redundant cooling fans, power supplies and blade nodes.

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