Bringing Remote Information Closer to Home

Opto 22's product lets users connect monitoring devices to the core

Mobile challenge When CEOs suddenly decide they want to review data collected at remote sites—factories, cell towers, pipelines, data centers—it can be a challenge to deliver the information quickly in an IT format over the standard network connection. Integrating traditional remote monitoring architecture with the core business system can be expensive and technologically difficult, particularly when monitoring units are mobile.

Direct connections A new product from Opto 22, a Temecula, Calif., manufacturer, lets customers connect remote monitoring devices directly to the core network infrastructure.

LAN-compatible The Snap-It Wireless LAN, compatible with the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard, transmits data from any electrical, mechanical or electronic device to a network-managing tool via SNMP or Extensible Markup Language.

Wired The product line includes a wired version comprising a rack- or panel-mount enclosure with a processor, communications interface and a backplane connected to modules that communicate with real-world monitoring devices. The Snap-It Wireless LAN sells for $2,495.