CAs Wily Division Speeds Application Fixes

The division introduces a re-architected version of the Java-based application management system that extends its coverage to .Net.

CAs Wily Technology Division, following its acquisition by CA early this year, wasted no time in launching a major new release of its Introscope applications management platform.

The division on May 15 will introduce a re-architected version of the Java-based application management system that extends its coverage to .Net.

Introscope 7, the most significant release of the product in four years, has evolved with the growing complexity of Web applications to focus on providing end-to-end transaction views, according to Mike Malloy, vice president and chief marketing officer of the Wily division, a part of CAs Enterprise Systems Management unit at CA in Brisbane, Calif.

"Web applications are becoming more complex and critical to the business. There is hardly a process that has not been moved to the Web to serve customers, employees and supply chain partners. Because these applications are so critical, the focus now is on understanding the end-to-end flow of transactions from the customer and IT perspectives," he said.

The Wily Technology Division at CA broadened the scope of the software for large deployments by creating a manager-of manager architecture.

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The new architecture provides a single point of administration for multiple Introscope management servers managing a few hundred applications and as many as 1.2 million metrics.

At the same time Wily also sought to extend usage of the tool beyond Java experts by adding new automation in the tool.

It can now automatically discover all applications in an environment without requiring any configuration.

The auto discovery mechanism monitors application flows to identify applications and the back-end systems they rely on, as well as determine automatically what flow behavior is normal versus abnormal.

"If you have two databases invoked as part of this application, well discover it and discover what normal behavior is, then snapshot abnormal behavior so you get deep insight into the application without any configuration," said Mark Donsky, product manager in Brisbane.

Introscope 7 also deepens the level of integration it has with the former Timestock tool, now called Customer Experience Management.

CEM, which can determine what critical business processes are impacted by an application outage, determine which users are affected by that outage and the transactions being affected, now enables users to launch Introscope from within the CEM user interface to quickly resolve the problem.

Introscope 7, available on May 15, also extends its transaction tracing capability to multiple application servers as well as to .Net servers.

That allows transactions to be managed across different technology silos.

Support for .Net is due later this year.

CA acquired Wily Technology in January for $375 million.

It is a part of a growing string of CA acquisitions within the last few years that also includes Concord Communications (with Aprisma), Cybermation, Niku, iLumin, PestPatrol and Netegrity.

Editors Note: This story was updated to correct information about the number of metrics that Wilys new architecture allows customers to monitor.

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