Centrify DirectControl Console

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Centrify DirectControl Console

DirectControl offers a GUI that clearly outlines the managed elements and offers wizards and assistance to make getting started easy.

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Unix Properties and Mapping to Unix UID From AD Account

Centrify Suite will automatically map an Active Directory user to the appropriate Unix User Identifier. This may be set globally and may also be configured so that an Active Directory user could use a different Unix UID on different computers.

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Roles-Based Administration

Administrators can define roles for users and systems, creating an easy way to manage security and single sign-on for users across multiple systems.

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Role Assignment

Roles are assigned based on a number of elements and can be time controlled as well, allowing administrators to create auto-expiring memberships.

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Delegation Controls

Centrify Suite enables delegation of administrative rights. Within a deployment there may be different people responsible for different zones.

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Policies set up at the global zone (or elsewhere in the hierarchy) are inherited down the hierarchy. The administrator has the ability to set finer granularity along this hierarchy.

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Computer Roles

Computer Roles allow the administrator to set policies across a set of computers that share similar functionality—for example, all database servers or all Web servers.

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Deployment Manager

Deployment Manager is used to gather information about the environment, automatically obtain the correct agent software and deploy the software. Centrify supports approximately 400 different operating systems and versions.

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Deployment Manager Console

Discovered systems and users are displayed based upon canned or user-defined filters, presenting information in the most logical format for the associated network infrastructure.

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Centrify Direct Audit

Direct Audit can play back user sessions on Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac systems, providing exceptional detail for auditing and forensics purposes.

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