Dell Takes Aim at Small Biz

PowerEdge 1500SC features HE-SL chip set.

Lightening the load A dual-processor system introduced by Dell Computer Corp. is aimed at making life easier for small and medium-size businesses.

In the chips The PowerEdge 1500SC features the HE-SL chip set developed by ServerWorks Inc. The chip set supports up to two 1.13GHz Pentium III CPUs; provides six PCI buses, one 32-bit/33MHz and two 64-bit/66MHz; and supports up to 4GB of synchronous dynamic RAM, delivering 2.1G bps of memory bandwidth at 5 watts.

Choice of OSes Customers of the Round Rock, Texas, company can have one of three operating systems preinstalled: Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT 4.0 or Red Hat Linux 7.2. The server starts at $1,499.