Diskeeper 12 Home Page

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Diskeeper 12 Home Page

At a quick glance, users can easily see the performance and health status of the system's volumes and disks, plus Diskeeper's technology at work.

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Drill Down GUI

IT admins can easily drill down from any Overview Tiles to get more details. This one shows the individual performance status on each volume.

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Disk Health Summary

Disk Health Summary shows which disks are support and the current health status of each supported disk drive.

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Configuration Settings

The Configuration Settings display shows what technology is enabled for each volume.

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Dynamic Display

Here, dynamic displays show Diskeeper's technology at work. InvisiTasking is only using unused resources and fragments are being prevented by IntelliWrite.

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History Reporting

Diskeeper also provides important historical reports on performance statistics.

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Graphing and Reporting

Diskeeper Analysis graphics show a performance view of the data on the selected volume.

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Detailed Analysis Reports

In-depth reporting gives granular results for managed volumes.

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SSD Optimization

Diskeeper HyperFast brings enhanced performance to solid state drives.

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System Monitoring

System Monitoring provides users general information on resources usage patterns to help determine how to best utilize the system.

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