Domain Registrar Hijinks Dont Fly

ICANN and RegisterFly are named in a class-action lawsuit; voting machine maker Diebold files a sour-grapes suit against Massachusetts.


Come fly with me, lets fly, lets fly away," crooned old Blue Eyes, Sinatra-like, when he heard that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against domain registrar and hosting service ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has also been named in the suit for its alleged "breach of duty" for allowing RegisterFly to remain an accredited domain registrar, despite numerous complaints about the companys services.

Spence called a Web-spert pal who told him that RegisterFly has had myriad complaints over the last two years ranging from system troubles, withholding domain names, losing registrations, ignoring transfers and renewals, and allegedly misusing company funds. A feud between RegisterFly founders Kevin Medina and John Naruszewicz has reportedly led to an internal struggle for control of the company and legal finger-pointing. Court documents allege that Medina misappropriated customers registration fee funds to pay for escort services, liposuction, a Miami penthouse and a costly pet Chihuahua.

Medina has countered that Naruszewicz used company cash toward a home and pricey furnishings. Sadly, thousands of customers have been denied access to or lost their domain names completely because of RegisterFlys hijinks, said the pal. The pal joked that even the companys New Jersey headquarters are listed as being on the fourth floor of what is actually a three-story building.

Bidding his pal adieu, Spence skatted off to toss back a few with an old Beantown tech vet. The Katt slurped a giant martini while the pal told him that Google is rumored to be looking to set up a major presence in Boston or possibly Cambridge, Mass. "Hey, potential employees wouldnt even need Google Maps to navigate the stroll from their MIT graduation to a Google Cantabrigian campus," mused the Mouser.

The crony also noted that voting machine maker Diebold has taken the state of Massachusetts to court for choosing to purchase voting machines from Diebold competitor Automark Technical Systems.

Diebolds sour-grapes suit basically seeks to halt the states use of any Automark machines until a judge can review how wonderful the Diebold sales presentation was and order the Bay State to come to its senses and buy the Diebold equipment. "Hell hath no fury like a voting machine company spurned, eh?" laughed the Lynx.

After ordering another round, the duo chuckled over the fact that Wikipedia seems to continue having trouble getting its facts straight, even when it concerns its own history. Larry Sanger, who bills himself as a Wikipedia co-founder, has just launched a new online encyclopedia called Citizendium. Unfortunately, Wikipedia point man Jimmy Wales claims that Sanger was but a cog in the wiki-wheels, and not truly a Wikipedia founder.

"There was never this much intrigue ordering all 32 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica from some squirrelly guy at the supermarket," cackled the Kitty. ´

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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