Ecessa Improves Network Performance for Midsized Enterprises

In its latest step to courting midsize enterprise customers, Ecessa is rolling out its PowerLink 500 and ShieldLink 500 WAN controllers, which support up to 1 Gigabit of bandwidth and can route network traffic among two or more network links. In addition, the ShieldLink devices including integrated firewall and VPN gateway functionalities. Over the past two months, Ecessa has rolled out several new WAN controller offerings, including its ClariLink family for improved VOIP communications.

Ecessa is looking to give midsized enterprises better network performance at a lower cost than those offered by competitors.

At the Interop 2009 show in Las Vegas May 19, Ecessa rolled out its PowerLink 500 and ShieldLink 500 WAN link controllers, which are designed to give small and midsize enterprises greater bandwidth and network performance at a competitive price.

The controllers support up to 1 Gigabit of bandwidth and can intelligently route network traffic among two or more network links. The two controllers offer aggregation, automated inbound and outbound load balancing, site failover and failback, according to Ecessa officials.

The ShieldLink 500 controller also offers an integrated firewall and VPN (virtual private networks) gateway, which brings WAN capabilities and security features into a single device.

Each controller offers customers "a more-of-everything' device," John Addington, director of technical services for Ecessa, said in an interview.

The PowerLink and ShieldLink 500EHQ model includes six Gigabit ports and can handle 1 million concurrent sessions, 60 remote sites and 25 WAN links. In addition, businesses can use a site-to-site channel-bonding feature that lets them combine two or more WAN links into a single large virtual network connection, which can improve communications, increase bandwidth and improve the reliability of large file transfers between a headquarters and regional branch office, Addington said.

The PowerLink 500 and ShieldLink 500 controllers are the latest offerings from Ecessa as it courts the midmarket. In March, the company rolled out the first of its ShieldLink WAN link controllers with integrated firewall and VPN capabilities.

On May 12, the company unveiled its ClariLink family of WAN link controllers, aimed at improving performance and scalability in VOIP (voice over IP) communications for small and midsized enterprises.

All product models are available immediately, with pricing starting at $6,995.