Expand Tool Offers Real-Time View of WANs

Expand Networks' latest tool, ExpandView 3.0, streamlines configuration and simplifies management of Expand's application accelerator appliances in larger deployments.

Expand Networks Ltd. this week will launch its latest ExpandView tool, designed to streamline configuration and simplify management of Expands application accelerator appliances in larger deployments.

With optimization of application performance gaining greater acceptance, deployments of WAN optimization devices are growing larger. As users move beyond employing a handful of such deployments in key locations, the management of individual devices becomes difficult.

In the ExpandView 3.0 centralized management tool, Expand makes it possible to apply changes globally to its Accelerator product line.

"Anything you can do to one Accelerator, you can do to all of them. Theyve created a more user-friendly operation for a large operation. You no longer have to touch every device," said early user Andy Ellsworth, network engineer at National Asset Recovery Services Inc., in Chesterfield, Mo.

ExpandView 3.0 automatically detects deployed Accelerators and then creates and maintains a database of configuration and performance data on the appliances. As appliances are installed, ExpandView 3.0 automatically updates them with preconfigured parameters and begins collecting performance data.

Beyond configuration, "the real innovation in it is dynamic mapping," said Ariel Shulman, vice president of product management at Expand, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Dynamic mapping provides a real-time view of the WAN, graphically displaying when link performance starts to degrade. The tool, which also provides alerting and trend reporting, is a Java-based program that can run on Windows, Solaris and Linux. It is available now, and pricing starts at $5,000 for managing 10 devices.


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