Extending PBXs Reach

StarVox's IP Centrex VOIP software aimed at small business

Improved services

Are you getting the VOIP-based virtual PBX services that you need from your broadband service provider? If not, you might mention a new voice-over-IP application from StarVox Inc. The San Jose, Calif., manufacturer last week rolled out StarVox IP Centrex, which allows service providers to host virtual PBXes on their networks for small enterprises and branch offices.

Managing the network

The idea is to help service providers offer local and long-distance telephony, private network calling and virtual PBX services over managed IP networks. IP Centrex can replace existing Centrex service or be added in new business sites where companies may not want to invest in customer premise equipment. Enterprises can integrate IP Centrex and PBX offices because the system can maintain dial plan and caller ID integration with sites that use traditional PBXes and those that use IP PBX services via a separate virtual private network module. The system comprises support for traditional PBX functions, including station-to-station dialing, caller ID, call transfer, call forwarding and attendant services.

Variable costs

Pricing varies according to carriers needs.