Extreme Networks Enhances LAN Switches

New Gigabit Ethernet modules make Extreme's BlackDiamond modular LAN switches the densest in the market, officials say.

Extreme Networks Inc. Wednesday launched new Gigabit Ethernet modules for its BlackDiamond modular LAN switches that make it the densest switch in the market, officials believe.

The BlackDiamond 6816 switch can accommodate as many as 360 copper-based Gigabit Ethernet ports or as many as 256 fiber ports using the new 24-port copper module and 16-port fiber module.

Both modules use the third generation of Extremes application-specific integrated circuit chip technology, which provides a variety of traffic shaping and control features that can operate at wire speed, according to Timon Sloane, director of product management at Extreme, in Santa Clara, Calif.

The new ASICs incorporate unique features such as the ability to test and diagnose the copper cabling to insure it can carry traffic at 1-Gbps rates. "We can identify broken cables and track down to one meter where the break exists," said John Erlandson, director of hardware product management at Extreme in Santa Clara.

The ASICs also implement T-Control traffic management functions, including rate shaping to insure that a single application does not monopolize the backbone. T-Control can also control the amount of traffic from every port from 1 K to 1000 K increments.

The modules provide up to 17 queues for prioritizing traffic, allowing operators to insure that latency-sensitive applications such as voice over IP or video are guaranteed a certain amount of bandwidth.

The modules are intended for both enterprises and metropolitan area network service providers.

"Customers have the ability to report and bill for traffic. We can classify traffic from any application just by the traffic header," claimed Erlandson.

The new G24T3 24-port module is priced at $13,995, and the G16X3 16-port fiber module is priced at $12,995. Both are available now.

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