Fidelia Extends Monitoring, Discovery to Applications

Fidelia is extending its integrated performance, fault and business service monitoring software so that it can automatically discover applications.

Fidelia Technology Inc. on Tuesday will extend its integrated performance, fault and business service monitoring software so that it can automatically discover applications.

NetVigil 3.6 extends Fidelias business container technology, which stores the relationship of components that make up a business service, by adding the ability to analyze the underlying relationship between the components of the business service before triggering an alert. That analysis reduces the amount of false alerts that are sent when a business service fails.

"In the new containers we look at the relationship between the application layer, Layer 2 and Layer 3 dependencies, and we track those and store them in the container," said Vikas Aggarwal, president of the Princeton, N.J., company.

The discovery engine uses a library of objects to perform its discovery function. Fidelia added to its library support for Oracle, Citrix, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, Web servers, and other database management systems.

"Based on the type of device and our library, it runs a pattern of tests to find which applications are running on the servers and what are the relevant parameters to be monitored," said Aggarwal. "We discover tables inside the database, start monitoring transaction rates, the number of locks inside a database and so on."

NetVigils business containers can represent a geographic location, a business unit, a revenue-generating service or any boundary that helps to isolate the root cause of slow business services.

The business containers "allow them to in a very flexible way map out all of the structures and substructures in the services. They can basically take switches and computers and put them in a container for specific things like say, accounting," said Jeffrey Nudler, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates Inc., in Portsmouth, N.H. "Others have similar capabilities, but they [Fidelia] do it for much less money in the middle [enterprise] market."

The software starts at $40,000, and a typical implementation is about $80,000, according to Aggarwal.

And unlike rivals such as Concord Communications Inc., Fidelia uses a unique distributed architecture that allows NetVigil to "flexibly and quickly scale up and scale down to a level that would be difficult [for others such as] Concord," added Nudler.

Version 3.6 is available now.


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