Fujitsu Launches New Primergy Server Line

The five new systems will feature new Intel chips and an integrated remote management controller.

Fujitsu Computer Systems is joining the long list of systems makers who are putting Intels new Xeon processors into their servers.

The Sunnyvale, Calif., company announced on June 27 five new Primergy systems running on both the Xeon 5000 (code-named Dempsey) and 5100 ("Woodcrest") chips from Intel. The Santa Clara, Calif., chip maker released the Woodcrest family June 26.

The new Primergy S3 systems, which will be available next month, also feature an integrated remote management controller, which enables better remote management of both physical and virtualized environments, said Richard McCormack, senior vice president of marketing at Fujitsu.

The servers—the RX200 S3 and RX300 S3 rack systems, TX200 S3 and TX300 S3 towers and BX620 S3 blade—also offer integrated SAS (serial-attached SCSI) RAID controllers and hot-plug SAS hard disks, and PCI-Express expansion slots, all for greater I/O capabilities.

In addition, the new chips give the servers almost twice the performance of the current generation.

The Xeons also offer on-chip virtualization capabilities and greater energy efficiency, though power and cooling are not key issues for Fujitsu customers, McCormack said. The company two years ago introduced Cool Safe, an air-cooling technology that includes larger fans and independent air tunnels.

"For us, power and cooling are not necessarily big deals," McCormack said. "The 5100 does have [better energy efficiency], but we dont need the power and cooling for us. Still, customers will have it."

What is more important is the virtualization support in the form of the better performance, management and I/O capabilities, he said. Customers are moving their virtualization environments from the testing-and-development area and into production.

"Virtualization is an especially hot topic across the whole range of Primergy customers," McCormack said.


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