Gateway Brings Hyper-Threading to Business Desktops

Gateway rolls out new business desktops that take advantage of the latest Intel technology, including Hyper-Threading.

Gateway Inc. this weekend rolled out new business desktops that take advantage of the latest Intel Corp. technology, including Hyper-Threading.

The move follows Gateways announcement last month of the 500S, a desktop for consumers and small businesses that also feature the new technology.

The new E-Series, Gateway Profile 4 and Sb-Series PCs come with Intels Pentium 4 chip—which includes Hyper-Threading, a technology designed to enhance application performance by enabling a single chip to work as two virtual chips—and either of the chip makers new desktop chip sets, the 875 or 865.

Included in the new chip sets are an 800MHz front-side bus, which reduces the amount of time needed to pass data between the processor and memory, dual-channel DDR (double-data-rate) memory and support for Hyper-Threading.

Officials with Gateway, of Poway, Calif., say Hyper-Threading will improve the performance of desktops using Pentium 4 chips without the technology by 20 percent, and those using the Pentium III chip by 500 percent.

The new E-Series E-6100 runs Intels 875 chip set, designed for high-end PCs, while the E-4100 runs the 865 chip set. Both offer integrated Gigabit Ethernet and LANDesk Client Manager, support for up to 4GB of dual-channel DDR memory and an AGP 8X interface slot for integrated or add-in graphics. Both also feature eight USB 2.0 ports.

Pricing for the E-4100 starts at $999, while the E-6100 starts at $1,199.

Gateway also upgraded its Sb-Series PCs with the Pentium 4 chip and 865 chip set, with support for either 533MHz and 800MHz front-side busses, 333MHz DDR and 400MHz DDR SDRAM memory and eight USB 2.0 ports. Pricing for these systems start at $599, without a monitor.

Gateways all-in-one PC, the Profile 4, also now features the new Intel technology. Starting next week, the PC maker will offer new configurations of the desktop, the Profile 4M for businesses and the Profile 4 for consumers. Also new to the Profile 4M is the choice of Gigabit Ethernet or 10/100 Ethernet, and the option for integrated 802.11b wireless capabilities.

Pricing for the upgrade Profile 4 series starts at $1,599.